Staff Directory


Photo of Sheila Doherty

Sheila Doherty

Vice Principal

Photo of Adrienne Joa

Adrienne Joa

Vice Principal

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Kate Forbes

Kate Forbes

Educational Assistant

Photo of Gerri Cameron

Gerri Cameron

Teachers Elementary

Photo of Tracy Long

Tracy Long

Teacher 1A

Photo of Janna McLaughlin

Janna McLaughlin

Teacher 1B

Photo of Jessica Heinrich

Jessica Heinrich

Teacher 2A

Photo of Raelene Tupper

Raelene Tupper

Teacher 2B

Photo of Carmen Throndson

Carmen Throndson

Teacher 3A

Photo of Greg Haslehurst

Greg Haslehurst

Teacher 3B

Photo of Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey

Teacher 4B

Photo of Karen King

Karen King

Teacher 4/5

Photo of Colin Beecroft

Colin Beecroft

Teacher 5/6

Photo of Deirdre Myshaniuk

Deirdre Myshaniuk

Teacher 6B

Teachers Kindergarten

Photo of Hallie Zaharko

Hallie Zaharko

Teacher KA/KB

Educational Assistants

Photo of Kelly-Anne Bykowski

Kelly-Anne Bykowski

placeholder image for Carrie Gallop

Carrie Gallop

placeholder image for Ty Harvey

Ty Harvey

placeholder image for Grace Johnston

Grace Johnston

Photo of Corinne McPhee

Corinne McPhee

Photo of Jean Murie

Jean Murie

Photo of Kristin Page

Kristin Page

Photo of Pam Pentelichuk

Pam Pentelichuk


Photo of Cassie Digness-Melnechenko

Cassie Digness-Melnechenko

Social Emotional Coach

Photo of Kirsten Evans

Kirsten Evans

VIBE Coach